Questionnaire Example
Summons Example


For identifying information, please enter the following:
  • Enter your 9 digit Participant Number (located just below your name and address on the letter you may have received, or to the right of your name and address on the Juror Qualification Questionnaire or Summons form). You will need to enter this Participant Number each time you log in.
  • Enter the first three letters of your last name.
  • Enter your Date of Birth. Please enter the birth year as four digits (i.e. 1956)
It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the Questionnaire or Summons. Your responses will not be retained if you exit before completion of the entire Questionnaire or Summons.

The following instructions pertain ONLY to those individuals who have been SUMMONED for jury service (these instructions do not apply to anyone who has received a letter reqesting them to complete the JUROR QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE):

You MUST call 1-800-222-8715, Option 1, to obtain the following:
  • The status of your request for excuse or postponement.
  • Final reporting instructions. NOTE: You MUST call the toll free number for reporting instructions on the date and time printed on your summons for jury service. You will not be paid for an appearance if you report to court without first calling to obtain your status/reporting instructions.
Participant Number
The first three LETTERS of your last name (excluding hyphens, apostrophes, spaces, etc)
Date of Birth (4-digit year) / /